“Training” summarizes in my understanding all those learning – and development processes which are continuously happening for leaders and employers (conscious and unconscious ones).
Modern leaders and also workteams on all levels of hierarchy are permanently confronting new challenges and therefore they need to enhance their abilities and competences and expand their learningfields.
But learning needs to be learned!
As a coach I support leaders and their teams to constantly move out of their comfort-zones, to reflect their limitations and to consciously enter a new realm of possibility. This creates a learning-culture which is characterized by curiosity, creativity, joy and mutual supportiveness.
Each individual strengthens the muscle of being present to and anchoring stability as well as change.
Learning and development requires an atmosphere and environment which is free of fear and shaped by openness and the courage to enter unknown territory.
Trainings have a duration of 1 to 3 days and are best held “off-site” (outside the normal work environment).
Intensive preparation with a precise status-quo-analysis and an alignment on objectives are an important part of a successful training.