Facilitation is a method to structure business issues and discussion items in such a way that all discussion participants can contribute productively and together they achieve results. It is recommended to use an external facilitator when conducting a

Strategy / Objectives Workshop

It needs a shared understanding about the strategic alignment for people to be able to powerfully work together and to unite their qualities and efforts for synergies. A company, team or entrepreneur gets orientation and direction from the bigger success picture, has a clearly defined mission, clear operating principles and a transparent strategy how to achieve its objectives.
As a coach I provide structures and proven discussion techniques so that even a large group of participants can discuss with a clear focus and can reach to concrete agreements and alignment out of everyone´s contribution.

Discussions on controversial issues
As a coach I guide a discussion skillfully to enable a constructive and productive discussion on issue which are highly controversial and where participants have a lot at stake.

Groupmeetings/ Conferences
With a detailed preparation and a focused facilitation of discussions I do ensure as a coach that complex issues and agendas can be covered productively . I structure and guide discussions (even in large conferences which are spread over a couple of days) so that participants contribute fully and results are combined meaningfully.

Conflict Management

as a neutral third party the coach is able to generate new openings in a stuck situation and between conflicting parties. A clear reflection and mirroring of the status quo mostly helps to find new perspectives and angles for the relevant topics. Underlying interests and needs can be revealed and appropriate solutions can be found. Skillful mediation allows new ways of communication for all involved parties which then can be continued in normal work situations.