means professional support for a defined period of time which helps to move forward certain key issues, problems or objectives in a powerful way.
The coaching request is perceived and framed inside the context of one´s own life design and personal life-values.
Coaching enables to develop self-consciousness, the skill to self-reflect and to access one´s own pool of resources. Then it is possible to step out of routine behaviours and old thinking-patterns and create new possibilities.
Thus coaching powerfully strengthens the ability to live one´s dreams, unfold one´s potential and to realize the former impossible

Approach and process:

Coaching is based on a trustful partner relationship amongst all participants. It starts with agreement on clear, mutual agreed desired outcomes and objectives. The coach helps to inqire into the questions which are important and crucial for the coaching issues.

Example-questions such as:
which paradigms and beliefs are driving and shaping my actions?
to which degree am I living my personal values in my work – and private life?
what seems to be impossible and unreachable in my momentary perception?
Which of my potentials and strengths could I utilized to focus my power consciously?
What is it that I am standing for, to what am I committed?

ignite an exploration-process which will lead to new ways of thinking, new perspectives and new possibilities for action.

Thus the coaching – process generates a learning- and changeprocess which allows to build new skills and abilities and at the same time produces tangible results.