Coaching for leaders and teams

Leaders and Leadership-Commitees

In order to lead a company to success today in an environment of constant change it needs a strong , absolutely aligned leadership crew. Only a leadership culture which is lived congruently and combined with a clear enrolling vision and strategy allows for extraordinary results.
Coaching is useful to create strategic alignments in the leadership-team and at the same time support each member to contribute and unfold individual qualities and develop the necessary competencies.
Existing differences in communication patterns and –styles as well as difficulties and barriers in crossdepartmental collaboration are also important coaching-issues.

High Potential Development

Coaching is a well known and often used instrument for career- and potential-development in companies. Strategically used coaching based on a overall talent-development concept will secure specialist know-how and social competencies for a company and its future.
Coaching supports high potential talents to expand limits, to enter new and untested areas and to achieve extraordinary results.


Teams are seen as a crucial success factor in a modern company.
It has been found that a few key parameters are decisive whether a team turns into a real high performance team or not.
Coaching supports the development of those crucial factors within a team by tailored trainingsessions.

Coaching can be very helpful in case of:
high diversity in the team,
changes in strategy, vision, objectives which require new alignment,
increased virtuality, “remote”leadership and matrixorganisation,
conflicts in leadershipissues and –styles,
desired employee engagement and responsibility,
conflictmanagement up to mobbing.