Professional background and education

Gabriele Trommer finsished studies in psychology with a diploma at the university of Heidelberg, Germany. During the university time she already intitiated and participated in different projects in the area of social work and adult-education. She got trained in Transaktionanalysis, Gestaltwork, NLP, Dialogue-Management , Coaching , Facilitation and systemic approaches.
After 10 years of her own psychological practice she changed her workfield into the field of economy.

Since 1990

she is engaged as a corporate coach and trainer and works successfully in a variety of national and international companies in industry, service and trade. She works in english and german language.

The focus of her work is on supporting and coaching the change- and development processes which are occurring in companies, teams and for individuals.
She has a special competence in designing coaching processes and trainings which are tailored to exactly meet the specific challenges and needs of companies, leaders and their teams. It is always an important goal for her to generate new possibilities for responsible and solution-oriented acting.

In the context of this focus she transports and trains leadership know-how, techniques of result-oriented communication, process competences, problem solving processes, coaching skills etc. Her long senior experience with leaders and managers on all levels in global companies is an additional asset.