Some distinct key success factors do determine whether a team turns into a „high performance“ team. A clear mission, transparent and defined roles, agreed and lively play rules and a creative constructive team culture are requirements for all team members to provide valuable contributions to the team task. It also needs a team leadership which supports diversity and generates synergies and is familiar with complex team structures.


Virtual teams,
Matrix organization,
Project teams,
Globally spread out teams

are now every day´s reality in many companies.

Team-Buildings provide support for a team to find its team identity, to establish important success parameters and secure learnings in a team situation.

They have a duration of 1 – 3 days, are best held regularly and as “off-sites”.
As a coach I conduct intensive preparation dialogues which allow a tailored design of a teambuilding seminar which addresses all current issues and enables the team to find solutions. This includes agreements for an implementation plan in the daily work reality.