Leadership in Change

Leadership in the 21st century is subject to ongoing outer and inner changes and needs a vertical transformational jump instead of further horizontal development. It is important to see things fresh and new in a bigger and different context in order to generate new possibilities again and again. The modern leader needs to undergo a continuous personal development. “Change competence” is the new innovative skill which is requested from each leader next to professional and social knowhow and competencies.
But how is this new change competence defined and even more important: how does it show in daily action and concrete results.
“Leadership in Change” is a program with a focus on this subject.

Leaders learn to develop and cultivate their own and the potential of their employers and to be involved and engaged in their business as a full being using mental power, intuition, feelings and ability to execute.
Strong trustful relationships are built on the fundament of common understanding of shared values and a shared vision. The learning ability of everybody and of the whole company produces innovative solutions and approaches for new challenges. The communication is solution- and result-oriented. Breakdowns and crisis are utilized as learning-fields for creative approaches and ideas. An immense power (collective intelligence) is unleashed. Each and everyone takes full responsibility and for the benefit of the whole which shows in extraordinary results.
The company gains stability and agility by its clear direction – vision and strategy is paired with a leadership culture and corporate culture based on shared and aligned values. A learning/change culture gains sustainability and transforms the daily work reality throughout the company.

Structure and process

approx. one and a half year process in modules
tailor-made development process based on a thorough analysis of the status quo
process oriented adaptation of the planning through monitoring
three day seminar alternating with coaching days
team supervision
continuous partnership- dialogue
evaluation of results

Further information can be provided in a personal conversation!